The motivation to create is an impulse. For me it comes from the connection between my visual, emotional and mental consciousness, using the activity of painting as analysis and reflection. My work explores memory and experiences, and the passions and impulses that move between them. Viewing each piece is a process of exploration, where the audience can share in the journey of discovery.

By utilizing the language of abstraction, and holding ambiguous connections to the outside world, I can remain at a distance with the audience. Colour, gesture and form develop a close narrative and evoke curiosity. The nuances of these elements are manipulated to strike a tone in the viewer with which to relate and engage on their own intimate experience of observation. They remain ambiguous however, and at times absurd, allowing the search to continue and transform. By guiding the viewer without providing enough information for an objective conclusion, the work remains in transition. I immerse myself into these scenarios, an intensely personal experience, where finding a balance between spontaneity and control, the calm and chaotic, becomes part of my challenge

Jennifer is a Canadian artist and designer from Toronto, Canada. An Alumni of Ontario College of Art and design, Jennifer has studied abroad in Florence, Italy, where she currently resides. The influence of Tuscan life and culture remains an integral part of her art and she works effortlessly to share her experience and passions in the creative community, and internationally. Her bold, colourful, and abstract works have become a staple of her artistic identity, and they take the viewer on an evocative journey of curiosity and awareness.